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This Section is Questions that get asked the most.


A: A member must meet ALL of the following Criteria to qualify for Withdrawal.

  1. Have an Active Upgraded Membership
  2. Use All Advertising Credits Earned
  3. This includes the following
    • Paid To Click Ads
    • Banner Ad Credits
    • Banner Ad Plans[Static and Rotating]
    • Text Ad Credits
    • Text Ad Plans[Static and Rotating]
    • Pay Per Click Ads [Banner and Text]
    • Traffic Exchange Website Credits
    • Biz Directory


Q: What is withdrawal Limit?
A: A member may withdraw up to 120% of all Deposits, With a Daily Limit of $20.


Q1:What Is PIF?
Q2: How Does PIF Work?

A1: PIF is Pay It Forward; a process of buying a package for another person.
A2: With PTCHITS4U.COM the PIF system works in order of Member I.D. 

  • Buying a 30 Day Member Upgrade for $1.50 Provides 3 PIF Entries into Success Builder Tier 1
  • As of April 2018 Penny Investment became Exclusively Admin PIF with its own PIF counter.
    • What this means is Daily Member I.D. 2, an admin account that served no purpose beyond Processor Testing, will daily spend it's earning balance buying 1 Penny Investment Tier 1 per person in order via it's own PIF counter. 
    • This PIF Counter will Work as the Success Builder PIF, cycling through I.Ds in order from first  to last and starting over.


Q: What at the Purposes of Multiple Admin Accounts?
A: The owner does not take money off the top of the program. Multiple Admin Accounts are set up to work the system like a member does, each one saves money for a specific Purpose ranging from Bills to Equipment, or funds to provide members with Contests or paying for tasks performed outside the website.


Q: What Are Balance Transfer Limits?
A: Balance Transfers Allow you to Move money from Commission Balance into Earning Balance or Cash Balance, and Earning Balance into Cash Balance with a Minimum Value of $100 and a Maximum Value of $100,000,000,000 [This number was put in randomly to ensure the system had a cap on transfers, No one is ever expected to hold 100 Billion Dollars in their account]

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