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PTC ADs are paid at 0.001 per click. When you click on 10 Ads your earnings will then show. The script only shows to 2 decimal places. It would have to show to 3 decimal places to see earning that are less then 0.01 cents. The admin back office does show to 3 decimal places so we know if you are being credited for you clicks.

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PTCHits4u is Registered in Australia

We no longer support Free members you will need an active membership to be paid.
You need an active membership to be paid and you must also have over $1.10 to cash out.

Terms and Conditions State;
18. Admin may not payout members if they haven't used Ad, Text, Banner or PTC credits. PTCHits4u is an advertising program and all purchases should be utilised. We are an Advertising Site and not an Investment, Hyip or Ponzi site.

$2 is the minimum to cash out.

Your earnings will be sent by your method of choice provided that you have a minimum of $1.10 in your account. All funds are in US Dollars. Please allow up to 72 hours to receive your payout as we do them manually to help catch cheaters. Any requests to support asking "Where is my payment" will be ignored.

You can click up to 5 Ads per day.This could change if we have a lot of advertisers.
No you can't. It is one account per household. If you are caught breaking this rule your account will be deleted and you will lose any present and future earnings.
Payments: We manually verify each payment to prevent fraudulent activity. It may take up to 72 hours for your account to be paid out.
  • We do not promise or guarantee a return on Paid toSurf Ad Packs.

  • Bonus Ad Packs will be dispersed to members at a rate determined by PTCHits4u.

  • There could be times when no Paid to Surf Ad Packs will be dispersed to members.

  • We accept BitCoin, Payza and Perfect Money only. We may hold back withdrawals until we have enough funds in our processor account balance.
    Refund Policy: All purchased items can only be refunded if the product hasn't been used. In our Term and Conditions we state that you are buy advertising only and do not Guarantee any results from that purchase. Any attempt to get a refund will result in your account being cancelled.
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