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  • This information will evolve to be more user friendly as the program grows.
    • Projected upgrades to this will be listed lower on the page and a To Do List.
  • All Deposits will come with a MINIMUM 120% Withdrawal Limit
    • This allows the company to pay, while minimizing money leaving the system while we strive to Stabilize and devlope the programs the make up this Community.
  • Exception 1: Ethereum(ETH) and Litecoin(LTC) Deposits in excess of $100USD value will receive a withdrawal limit of 125%.
    • This is to inspire people to invest ETH and LTC
    • Crpytocurrency is more versatile with less restrictions than Fiat Currency
    • This versatility makes it easier to Duplicate the coins to maintain a Deeper Wallet for making payout
  • Exception 2: Bitcoin Core(BTC) and Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Deposit in excess of $100USD value will receive a withdrawal limit of 130%
    • BTC and BCH are generally more widely accepted than any other CryptoCurrency, making them even more versatile than other CryptoCurrency.


  • Custom Withdrawal Script
    • This Script will allow me to set a limit in the system rather than manual
    • I want to be able to set a limit PER individual Membership that is separate and prioritized to come before deposit based limits.
    • I want to be able to apply additional limit to the deposit based limit based on the Deposit of Referral Accounts.
  • Hardware Mining Script
    • This may not be the proper term, but this is based on the latest Update from, and Coinpot, where you leave a tab open on a screen with the permission to access your device resources to process mining Power. 
    • The purpose is to generate CryptoCurrency, a percent of which would be deposited into your Cash Balance, and a Value of which would be applied to your withdrawal limits.
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