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In the spirit of complete Transparency, This page is a List of all Admin accounts and their purpose.

Please Note that every month the default referral changes through these to ensure they all get referrals to boost the performance in commissions towards their goals.

Member I.D. 1: Ptchitsadmin

  • This is the account created by the Devs when installing the Script
  • Funds earned by this Account go towards paying bills for this website.
  • Bills include, but not limited to Hosting, Domain Registration, Security, and Dev Support.

Member I.D. 2: IncAdminTest

  • This is the account created to allow Payza to verify the required pages for approval to use their processor to send and receive payments automatically(before the US issues forced them to halt operations with US companies, mine include)
  • Funds earned by this Account go towards Buying PTC Investments and Paying Penny Investment PIFs.
  • Reminder: PIF program begins with member I.D. 1 and gives 1 position to each and EVERY member I.D to the last one registered, at which point this Process starts over.

Member I.D. 3: IncAds

  • The original plan was to name my Platform IncAds, before I had the opportunity to purchase my favorite company(The only one I have ever profited from), PTCHits4u.
  • This account maintains that name, and as planned for this Account, saves money for Script upgrades.
  • Script Upgrades are any new functionality, such as the recent Addition of a 'Mass Add Order' in my Admin Control Panel, which allows me to apply All PIFs at one time for Penny or Success builder.

Member I.D. 4: IncSurplus

  • This is the account created to create outside programs to pay my members for
  • Funds for this Account will be Used to Introduce offers that Allow me to pay members for activities off site
  • Projected Plans include:
    • Offering PIF entries into any of the investments for Activities designed to benefit the Company YouTube Channel,
    • Adding Cash Balance in the value equal to the to investment costs of 3rd party programs PTCHits4U uses as an outside Revenue Source,
    • Or using commissions from these said programs as a meaauremeny to increase Member Withdrawal Limits(in turn adding this value from this Balance into the PTS Pool)

Member I.D. 5: IncContest

  • This is the account created to set aside money as prizes for onsite Contests
  • Contests may range from using getting paid referrals(Upgrades) to Lottery using the built in Jackpot System, or Surfing the most number of pages in a set time frame
  • The best way to explain the Surfing is I will have a custom Contest feature added into the existing Contest Module, while Surfing Contest is Active it will record all Traffic Exchange Surfs completed correctly, and pay the winners out, These prizes will Automatically be added to Withdrawal Limits so prizes are not held back on technicality.

Member I.D. 6: IncFamily

  • This is the account created for the sole purpose of Expanding This Program additional Websites with Different Plans To give everyone new ways to earn.
  • Incfamily will be the Back Bone to the Incubus Marketing Family of Program sites.

Member I.D. 7: IncGlobal

  • This is the account created to provide a Matching Bonus for Members buying Charity packs to make donations to Non Profit Organizations.
  • NPOs That receive Donations may also receive Admin managed accounts to provide consistent Donations even when we are not Specially Focusing on them.

Member I.D. 8: IncTax

  • This is the account created simply to be able to pay Taxes on this platform.
  • I would Rather Not have to take money out of the Bill Pay to also pay taxes.

Member I.D. 9: IncBalance

  • This is the account created to Move money around to Balance Out Processors
  • by removing this from the System as Earnings for am admin, it is not considered In the coming payouts
  • This allows me to top off one processor without necessarily hurting another
  • This allows me to fund new Processors so that You have more options to pay and withdraw

Member I.D. 10: IncPayroll

  • This is the account created to be capable of paying Hired personnel to maintain things I can't easily accomplish on my own.
  • This may include Server management, when I buy a Physical Server, Designer graphics and Visual allure of the website(s), or a Bigger Support Staff when I cannot maintain Support on my own.

Member I.D. 11: IncHardware

  • This is the account created in order to buy Hardware for improving and maintaining this platform and the associated businesses.
  • This will include a Laptop for providing me easier access to the Do modifications to the website, Servers to manage my own system and minimize Bills that Member I.D one is responsible.
  • This may also include Cameras and Webcams for the Youtube Channel.

Member I.D. 12: IncInvest

  • This is the account created to Provide investment capital into 3rd part programs that will be used for surplus
  • The earnings for these Programs will be put back into this program to Assist in offering Higher Withdrawal Threshholds.

Member I.D. 13: IncChain

  • This account is created to Develop a Block Chain program
  • Not Necesarily a New CryptoCurrency, but a Payment Processor, and other features to revolutionize the way we use and work on the internet
Revenue Sharing ScriptsMatrix and HYIP Scripts
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