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Paid to Surf is our Revenue Sharing Advertising Program. 

This Program is funded by Sales of Advertising Credits and plans plus Maturity of Investment plans(Platform Fees).

Level 1 PTS Pack

  • Requires Active 30 upgraded Membership to puchase
  • Costs $1USD from CASH Balance
  • Cannot be bought from the Repurchase, Earning or Commision Wallet.
  • Quantity will Range 10 to 100 Packs, based on the Available PTS pool, updated Every month.
  • ROI will Range 105% to 150%, based on available PTS Pool
  • higher ROI comes after Quantity reaches 100 Packs per month.
  • ROI ranges 1% to 3% per day until the full maturity is reached, based on system sales.
  • Earning requires 15 Traffic Exchange pages surfed daily. 

Level 2 PTS Pack

  • Will be released after Stable 100 Quantity at 150% ROI, will be updated at this time.
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